Zdeno Chara absolutely destroys Bruins teammate Brad Marchand on social media

The Boston Bruins is off to a flying start in the NHL. Through 8 games played, the Bruins is placed 2nd in the Atlantic Division, only trailing the Buffalo Sabres.

And the performances on the ice surely seem to make the players on the team happier. One example of that is Zdeno Chara, absolutely destroying Brad Marchand on social media.

Photo: Wikimedia Commons

It all started with the Bruins posting a photo of Chara wearing a shirt with the number 88 on the back, as well as having David Pastrnaks name on it. Well, Brad Marchand thought it would be more suitable for Chara to wear another shirt.

On the picture, Marchand, who wears number 63, replied:

”That’s bullsh*t big man no six three love??”, he wrote.

Photo: Wikimedia Commons

Zdeno Chara saw the reply from Marchand – and decided to absolutely finish him.

”Sorry man but your shirts come only in small and medium sizes. Still love you!”, he wrote, taking shots at Marchand for his, in the world of NHL, small size.

You just gotta love some serious chirps!

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