What this hockey mom did during kids game has sparked a riot on social media: ”It’s disgusting!”

Hockey parents can be just awful. Sometimes, they put way too much pressure on the kids, and sometimes, it can even affect young referees. All over the hockey world, it’s a huge need for referees, who are needed for kids to play and learn the game.

The referees themself are often kids as well and shouldn’t be pressured or screamed at, at any point. NHL referees can handle critique and screaming people in the stands, but young kids trying to teach even younger kids the game, don’t deserve it.

Source: Twitter

Whenever a video goes viral of a hockey parent being disrespectful and disgraceful close to a kids game, fans are quick to jump on the judge train, and we’re all for it.

Now, a video of a hockey mom has gone viral, and fans aren’t happy. The unidentified woman was in the stands during a hockey tournament in Quebec when she was trying to get the attention of one of the officials. She slammed her hands against the glass, but when the ref wouldn’t turn around, she climbed onto the boards, reaching over the glass just for him to notice her.

Fans were outrageous on sisal media, and many believe she should be banned from games and tournaments up ahead.

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The referee didn’t seem to be troubled by the mom, but it was still unacceptable of her to climb the boards. Some people on social media also point out that the mom was just trying to get the ref’s attention that the clock had stopped, but many thought she approached it all wrong.

One fan said: ”Go to the scorekeeper then, the ref has no control over it and don’t watch the clock. Also depending on the rink and equipment, from personal experience, sometimes the machine itself is running but the board isn’t cause they get de-synced. You don’t climb on glass…”

Source: Twitter

The original video was posted on Twitter with the text, ”Hockey moms are built different,” which one person didn’t like.

”Saying “hockey moms are built different” makes this sound cute or acceptable. It isn’t. It’s disgusting. No wonder there’s a shortage of officials in all sports,” the person said.

Former NHL referee Tim Peel had this to say: ”This is exactly why we are losing young officials every year. Parents are the #1 problem. Great role model mom.”

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