Jordan Greenway humiliates Darnell Nurse with chirp of the year, he was absolutely speechless after it

The Edmonton Oilers and the Minnesota Wild are both fighting for a place in the playoffs in the Western Conference, and when they played against each other on Monday, emotions ran high. There were a lot of battles, emotions, and, luckily for all fans, some A-Plus chirping.

As the second period ended, Wild’s Jordan Greenway got into an argument with the Oilers’ star defenseman Darnell Nurse.

Source: Twitter

Darnell Nurse committed to the Oilers during the summer of 2021, signing an eight-year, $74 million contract extension with an AAV of $9,250,000, making him the 7th best-paid defenseman in the league.

And you can bet that Jordan Greenway knew. And we guess that he also thinks that Nurse is pretty overpaid.

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As the teams left the ice for the second intermission, cameras and microphones caught Greenway chirping Nurse in the most excellent way.

”You make 9 million and don’t do shit,” Greenway was heard saying to Nurse.

It was just intended as a chirp, but the more you think about it, it can actually be quite the compliment. Earning that much money is always impressive, and if you earn it without really doing anything, then well done.

Source: Twitter

But Darnell Nurse is a great player and has four goals and 16 points in 29 games this season. He’s on pace for the best scoring season of his career after scoring 41, 33, 36, and 35 points in his last four seasons.

Jordan Greenway also got the last laugh of the night in the game. The Wild won the game 2-1, which puts the Oilers into the final Wild Card in the West.

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