Musician pays tribute to Humboldt Broncos with stirring rendition of Amazing Grace

An empty arena was filled with one man’s harmonica. The song was ‘Amazing Grace,’ and it was for the Humboldt Broncos.

Jim McCready has always used music to express himself, so when tragedy struck and affected Humboldt and left all Canadians grieving, Jim did what he knew best – to play music. In an interview with The Western Star, McCready said that the video of him playing the harmonica in an arena “…was just a spontaneous, in-the-moment act.”

Jim went on to say “There are no words anyone can say to make this better, to provide those affected the comfort they need. There are no words, so I used notes.”

The video has received over 500,000 views so far and continues to be posted and shared all over social media.

McCready ended the video saying “For the boys in the West, for all their parents and everyone hurting.”

The video was recorded with a cell-phone. It wasn’t edited or professionally done. There were no sound recordists or directors. It was McCready and a visitor of the rink, who recorded the video. The raw and uncut video is very emotional and is a touching tribute.