Kenyan hockey team surprised by two NHL superstars in touching video

The sport of hockey is apart of Canada’s identity.
Dating back to 1875, when the first indoor game was played in Montreal, the sport has grown with the nation and continues to be a staple in Canada’s culture.

Realistically, we’re here on this page because we love hockey, but sometimes I think we need to step back and really appreciate our sport.

We have access to local rinks, ponds, outdoor rinks, etc. The game is played on streets everywhere and there are many variations of the game played.

However, not all countries are blessed with multiple rinks in a city or the thunderous support of a hockey club in small towns.

In Kenya, a group of dedicated hockey players have to hit the ice in a mall. Players are involved in pick-up games and it is different compared to the local leagues we normally see in hockey hotbeds.

The team from Kenya had nobody to play against, often playing against themselves, so Tim Horton’s brought the squad to Canada to play their first ever official game.

The touching video showcases the team having fun on their local rink and players speaking of how they got involved with the sport.

They were flown to Toronto, where they were met by Sidney Crosby of the Pittsburgh Penguins and Nathan MacKinnon of the Colorado Avalanche. The two hockey stars joined the Kenyan team, creating lifetime memories for the club.

170611 Pittsburghs Sidney Crosby.
Foto: Joel Marklund / BILDBYRÅN / kod JM / 87468

Crosby and MacKinnon have teamed up together before in Tim Horton’s commercials, but I think what they did here was one of their best videos yet.

Seeing the smiles on the Kenyan team as they meet NHL talent and score their first goal in their first ever game reminds us how fortunate we are to have this great game.

The team aims to make an impact and hopefully play in the 2022 Olympics. If that is their goal, it will certainly be a fun four years tracking this club.