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Sidney Crosby is the most popular player in the NHL, as Matthews and McDavid are nowhere near the top

Sidney Crosby is perhaps not the best player in the NHL anymore. Young players like Connor McDavid, Auston Matthews, and ...

Wayne Gretzky reached out to Nathan MacKinnon by text during the playoffs, and his reaction was priceless

Nathan MacKinnon’s beginning seasons in the NHL weren’t easy. In the 2014-15 season, he only scored 38 points, and it ...

Cameras picked up Nathan MacKinnon giving a two-word order to his teammates after sweeping Edmonton

Many believed that the Western Conference final would be a tight affair. But the Colorado Avalanche put on a shift, ...

Avs fans goes savage mode after MacKinnon move on Ryan Getzlaf

The Avalanche fans loved the MacKinnon move mor than anyone else.

Nathan MacKinnon demolishes Palat and sparks huge line brawl

Things went down at the Pepsi Center.