New camera angle shows Nathan MacKinnon taking a swing against referee, get’s away without penalty

In the last number of weeks, Nathan MacKinnon has been the center of attention for some less flattering reason. Some days ago, he injured Nolan Patrick with a high hit that still has the Vegas Golden Knight sidelined. The hit, clearly against the head, made some fans upset. MacKinnon got away with just a minor penalty for interference, and he didn’t get suspended.

Last night, MacKinnon got into more trouble which became the talking point on social media, but there was no call on the ice this time.

Source: Reddit

Colorado Avalanche trailed the Boston Bruins, 5-1 when the Colorado captain lost his temper after a face-off against Tomas Nosek. MacKinnon tried to slash Nosek but instead missed the Bruins’ forward, and some new, interesting camera angles, show that he just might have hit the leg of linesman Michael Cormier.

Cormier didn’t seem to react, and the referees didn’t call MacKinnon for a penalty on the play. However, there is a slight possibility that MacKinnon could be the subject to suspension if it’s proven that the slash attempt on Nosek was intended.

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