Nathan MacKinnon brakes Getzlaf’s ankles, Avs fans react in the most savage way

NHL fans can be savage when it comes to chirping both their own team and others. Sometimes it’s through chants and sometimes through funny signs, hoping that the specific player sees it.

Last night, the home fans of the Avalanche got their change at mocking another player. This time, it was Anaheim Ducks star Ryan Getzlaf who got his fair share of chirping from the crowd. And we guess it was kind of earned.

The game between the Avalanche and the Ducks went to OT, and that’s when Avs’ star Nathan MacKinnon turned up and gave the crowd something big to cheer about.

MacKinnon got the puck in the offensive zone with Ryan Getzlaf coming after him. With a spin-o-rama move, MacKinnon made Getzlaf fall and slide on the ice.

The fans nearby quickly jumped up, mocking Getzlaf.

In the end the Ducks’ star got the final say with Rickard Rakell scoring the Ducks’ winner, ending the Avalanche’s seven game winning streak.

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