Hockey fans were told they couldn’t show support for Ukraine in World Championship, so they got creative

The World Championship of hockey is underway in Finland. This year, it’s without the participation of Russia. Since the country invaded Ukraine earlier this year, the Russians have been banned from most sporting events.

The World Championship of hockey is not an exception, and it’s a massive blow for the Russians, who always is one of the favorites to win it, and for Vladimir Putin, who has hockey as his favorite sport.

Most fans want to show their support for Ukraine however they can during these difficult times, and during the World Championship, Ukrainian flags have been seen in the arenas. But the IIHF has declared that it’s strictly forbidden to show support to countries not playing in the tournament.

On Monday, a group of Czech supporters was asked to hang down a Ukrainian flag that hung next to some Czech Republic flags. But the organizer told them to take it down.

So the fans got real creative. Instead of giving up, they took a white sheet and simply wrote “Blue Color,” up top and “Yellow Color,” at the bottom. So the flag–or the sheet–was allowed to stay up, and you just have to give it to the fans.

What a great way to show support!

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