The Hockey community found a new AWESOME way to support the Humboldt Broncos

The Humboldt Broncos are still fresh in the minds of the hockey world and Canada, as heartfelt tweets, messages and other means of support continue to pour in. The Broncos’ Go FundMe page has received a magnitude of support, reaching over $4.5 million on Sunday. But, it isn’t just about the money. The club is being remembered through various means, and the newest trend that has emerged in the Broncos’ honour is heartfelt.

Supporters of the club have begun leaving hockey sticks on their front porch to honor the team. It’s a small, yet powerful gesture. The movement is not only in Canada, as people were checking in from Buffalo, Cincinnati, and other U.S. cities.

The Broncos have received support from the hockey world, but as well as other professional sports, including basketball and baseball. This isn’t just a hockey story, but a sports story. One that has been followed and supported by many around the globe. The lives lost continue to be on the mind of many, and the support only continues to grow.