Zdeno Chara’s response to pinning Howie Rose against the glass on the team bus is the funniest we’ve heard

Zdeno Chara is a one-of-a-kind person. Before he got drafted into the NHL, scouts were uncertain that he would make it.

Chara is the tallest player in NHL history, and it doesn’t just come with advantages. But Chara has always been a superstar, and his longevity is almost unique.

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Zdeno Chara has more games than any defenseman in league history, and he’s evident for the Hockey Hall of Fame when he’s eligible in a couple of years.

Chara is a living legend and a cult hero in Boston, where he spent most of his NHL career. He’s not only so well-liked because of how great of a player he was, but also how he was a person.

Chara was a role model, someone who always looked out for his teammates and someone who always made everyone around him feel better.

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Chara has always been hilarious, and he doesn’t even need to try to be funny. He just has that kind of personality that’s impossible to dislike, and it’s just hard to stop smiling or laughing when he says something. There are so many stories on Chara and the hilarious things he’s done, but this might just be my favorite one.

NEW YORK, NEW YORK – CIRCA 1980: Zdeno Chara #53 of the New York Islanders skates circa 1980 in Uniondale, New York. (Photo by Bruce Bennett/Bruce Bennett Studios via Getty Images)

Sportscaster Howie Rose worked with the Islanders when Chara played his first year in the NHL. The two of them were seated next to each other on the team bus, with Rose seated at the window. When Chara sat down, Rose got pinned so hard against the glass he thought something was up.

”I thought he was mad at me‚” Rose said.

But Chara’s response was just so pure and funny.

”He said, ’Sorry I so big’. Great guy and gentle giant.”

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