Alex Ovechkin with an incredibly classy gesture for reporter on her last day as a Capitals’ beat writer

Alex Ovechkin isn’t just one of the greatest players in the NHL. He’s perhaps the most well-known player, and he’s the pure definition of a superstar. Alex Ovechkin was great during this weekend’s All-Star event, and he did just about everything not to disappoint the fans.

Ovechkin was great both in the skills competitions and during the game. But now, Ovechkin also gets praised for a whole different reason.

CHICAGO, ILLINOIS – DECEMBER 13: Alex Ovechkin #8 of the Washington Capitals looks on prior to the game against the Chicago Blackhawks at United Center on December 13, 2022 in Chicago, Illinois. (Photo by Michael Reaves/Getty Images)

After the All-Star Game, Ovechkin met with the media. And there, as he was taking questions, he found out that Samantha Pell was doing her last-ever interview with Ovi.

Samantha Pell has been the Capitals’ beat writer for The Washington Post and obviously talked with Ovechkin thousands of times. She wrote about the news on Twitter, and the good guy Ovechkin had seen it.

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Ovechkin had taken note of the situation, and after the All-Star Game, he asked Pell if it was her final interview.

”Me: ’Yes, last interview. Couldn’t end any other way.’” She tweeted.

Ovechkin responded by standing up and hugging the reporter before leaving the podium. For Alex Ovechkin to show that kind of acknowledgment speaks volumes of what a great person he is.

It was nothing but amazing for him to take notice of it and then give her a hug as a thank you for all the years and all the interviews.

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