Zack Kassian levels Erik Gustafsson with bone crunching hit, knocking his helmet off

The NHL is finally back in play. The Calgary Flames squared off against the Edmonton Oilers last night, with Connor McDavid scoring twice as Oilers won 4-1.

Connor McDavid scoring goals isn’t the strangest thing. That’s also the case involving Zack Kassian putting in big hits, chirping opponents or getting into fights.

And of course, against the Flames, he made sure to give Erik Gustafsson a “welcome back”-message.

In the first period, Gustafsson skated along the boards, not seeing the freight train that was Zack Kassian coming towards him.

The Oiler forward put in a bone crushing hit, knocking Gustafssons’ helmet off and onto the ice.

Several Calgary players, skated into action Kassian, standing up for their teammate.

Gustafsson headed back to the bench on his own and was able to continue playing.

The Swede later tallied an assist on the one Calgary goal of the night, scored by fellow countryman Elias Lindholm.

The NHL is back. And with hits like this, it surely gives us plenty to look forward to in the race for the Cup.

Watch the Zack Kassian hit down below:

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