David Pastrnak absolutely destroys the Maple Leafs on social media, adding fuel to the rivalry

The NHL is finally back. The teams have finally entered their hub cities, getting ready to begin their quest for the Cup.

David Pastrnak of the Boston Bruins is back with the team in Toronto, the hub city for the 12 Eastern Conference teams. he skated for the first time with the team Monday.

The Bruins’ star missed the first two days of training camp because of international quarantine rules, since he arrived from Europe.

David Pastrnak

According to Bruins coach Bruce Cassidy. Pastrnak, with 95 points in 70 games this season, is ready to go.

“He looks great. Probably needs a haircut. Other than that, I expect him to be ready to go, excited to be back with his teammates,” Cassidy told NHL.com.

The Bruins-Leafs rivalry has been very much restored in recent years.

Now, the Bruins are going to stay in the Canadian city for a while, and David Pastrnak made sure to tell the Leaf fans who’s in town.

The Bruins used the Toronto Maple Leaf chance room, and made sure no Maple Leafs logo was visible.

A rivalry is a rivalry, and we just gotta love these kind of chirps!

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