When Wayne Gretzky saw Brian Burke’s young son skating, he did what no other superstar would even consider

Wayne Gretzky wasn’t your ordinary superstar. He’s always been an incredible human being, known for his humbleness and kind way.

Ever since his arrival to the NHL, he’s been the best ambassador for hockey you could’ve asked for, and the stories about his amazing behavior towards fans, teammates, and those in need, keep on coming.

Source: Bildbyran

Of course, we all know about Wayne Gretzky, the hockey player. He’s the greatest of all time, the all-time leader in goals, points, and assists—and a four-time Stanley Cup Champion. His legacy will never be forgotten, and his success on the ice just makes his nice behavior off the ice even more awesome.

Gretzky always loved to play hockey, and he always took his time to make someone’s day, especially if it were kids.

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When Brian Burke was the Director of Hockey Operations in Vancouver, his team was up against the Edmonton Oilers. The Canucks had played the day before, so they didn’t have a morning skate.

Edmonton was skating at 11.30, so Burke and his young son Patrick went out for a little skate on their own before the Oilers’ practice.

”I’m out on the ice with Patrick, no lights on, dim building. Out on the ice comes Wayne Gretzky,” Burke said in a Sportsnet’s Youtube video.

Source: Bildbyran

”He comes over and goes, ’Hey Mr. Burke.’ I’m like, ’Hey Wayne, how are you?’ And he says, ’Patrick, here! Let’s pass the puck.’ My kid is five years old, skating around the ice with Wayne Gretzky.

”So I got off the ice. I don’t belong on the ice with Wayne Gretzky. So I went and sat on the bench and he skated around with Patrick for five minutes, and then Messier comes out. Glenn Anderson comes out. They’re all coming out. I said to Patrick, ’Come on off the ice,’ But that’s Wayne. I’m sure he doesn’t remember it, he probably did it for a thousand kids like that. But my son will never forget that.”

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