When two legendary All-Star teams competed in the most insane shootout in hockey history

The All-Star Weekend is a great time for the fans, getting to watch the best players in the league in a different way than usual.

However, for the players, it’s also a very special couple of days. They get to hang out and spend some time relaxing before the race towards the playoffs starts. And, of course, show off some of their skills with or without a puck.

Throughout the years, the fans have gotten to see some magical moments during the All-Star weekend. And in 1992, it sure was going to be something else, when legend after legend suited up for the game.

The two teams, with captain Mario Lemieux of the Wales Conference and Wayne Gretzky wearing the C for the Campbell Conference, were tied at the end of the All-Star Competition. That ment the winner was going to be decided in a sudden-death shootout.

We all know that the best players in the league are represented at the All-Star game. In 1992 however, it was pretty much all legends.

Brett Hull, Jaromir Jagr, Steve Yzerman, Sergei Fedorov and Joe Sakic, just to mention a few, all had the opportunity to give the audience a great show during the shootout. They faced Patrick Roy and Ed Belfour.

And surely, this must’ve been one of the most awesome shootouts in hockey history.

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