When Tie Domi pulled out a pen while on the bench and sent a humiliating gift to the other team’s enforcer

When talking about enforcers in the NHL, it’s impossible to leave Tie Domi out of the discussion. When he was on the ice, it was often for a reason; to look for trouble or provoke some poor opponent.

During his years in the NHL, he threw his gloves 270 times, which means he had more fights than points in the league, as he put up a total of 245 points in 1 020 games.

There was always room for new shenanigans, which did not stop even when he was off the ice. Just ask Jody Shelley.

During a match between the Toronto Maple Leafs and the Columbus Blue Jackets in February 2004, Domi got into a battle with enforcer Shelley, and the two ended up on the bench. While sitting there, Domi pulled out a pen, autographed a stick, and then flipped it over the glass partition between the benches and towards where Shelley was seated.

Tie Domi was fined $1,000 US, while the Leafs was handed a $5,000 penalty.
But the Blue Jackets were still bothered by the incident.

“I think it showed disrespect to Jody Shelley, who is a legitimate NHL tough guy,” Jackets general manager Doug MacLean told TSN. “I think it showed disrespect to our hockey team, and I think it showed disrespect to the game.”

Domi vs Shelley

That time Tie Domi pulled out a pen while on the Leaf bench, autographed a stick and then flipped it over to Jody Shelley… 😂😂😂

Posted by Hockey Beast on Monday, July 6, 2020

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