When the Boston Bruins decided to upgrade two Habs fans’ seats, but a legendary bear took over and ruined the plans

Thirteen years have passed since the awesome playoff series between the Boston Bruins and the Montreal Canadiens.

The two rivals faced off in the Eastern Quarterfinals of the 2010-11 season, but many would remember it for one of the Bruins’ most legendary commercials, which was aired ahead of the series.

The Bruins had already featured the legendary bear in their commercials the year before. Fans will never forget how the bear went around the TD Garden, giving out rules to the crowd. One example was when a Bruins fan was dating a girl wearing a Canadiens jersey.

The bear wasn’t happy, but the Bruins fan excused himself by saying, ”But she’s so pretty,” only to have his bear knocked out by the angry bear.

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The Bruins Hockey Rules showed a great example of just how genius the most simple hockey commercials can be, and everyone just loved how the crazy bear walked around sharing valuable rules with the Bruins fan.

However, our favorite commercial was aired during the previously mentioned playoff run against the Canadiens.

In the commercial, two fans get the chance to have their seats upgraded, and it just so happens to be two Habs fans who won.

When they get shown to their ”VIP Seats,” a bear–yes, that bear–showed the Habs fan through a door. Of course, it was just a simple bluff by the bear to get them out of the building. The look on the bear’s face gets us every time, and it’s just a reminder of how great hockey commercials can be if they’re done correctly.

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