When Sean Avery’s epic 2-second trash talk got an embarrassed coach to cut his hair

Sean Avery is undoubtedly one of the NHL:s toughest players ever. In the whole history of the league, few players have been so good at teasing, chirping, and fighting as Avery, and if he had the opportunity to annoy an opponent, he often took it.

During his career, Avery played for teams such as the Detroit Red Wings and the New York Rangers. Although he didn’t score the most points, fans often talked about him because of how he behaved on the ice. And often, it was not very flattering.

Photo: Wikimedia Commons

According to Swedish outlet Sportbibeln, former AHLer Robin Figren reveals an incident he heard about during his time at the Bridgeport Sound Tigers in the AHL. The team’s former coach Jack Capuano, who later coached New York Islanders in the NHL, ended up fighting Sean Avery during the 08/09 season.

”Avery had recently been involved in a fight right in front of the bench, after which Jack Capuano started yelling at him: ’Fuck you, Avery,’ and things like that,” Figren reveals.

Avery didn’t like what he heard and quickly came up with a counterattack about the coach’s hairstyle.

”Avery turned to him (Capuano), looked at him, and said: ’Sweet mullet, you fat fuck!’, and then just skated away.

”To be fair, Capuano had one of the ugliest mullets of all time.”

The next day, something unexpected happened when Capuano arrived to practice.

”What do you think to happen the next day? Well, Jack Capuano is coming down the hall with a fresh haircut. He went straight away to cut his hair! I think it’s great fun,” Figren says.