Joe Sakic shares a hilarious detail about Brett Hull’s infamous words to Sean Avery after chirp attempt

It’s one of the most infamous stories in the NHL. Sean Avery was the enforcer who never, ever held back. He chirped opponents, got into fights, and he rarely showed any respect towards anyone. It didn’t matter who stood in front of him.

He was always on a mission, and he got some fearful enemies in the NHL for it. Avery is also the main guy in a classic NHL anecdote. When legend Brett Hull played for the Detroit Red Wings, he was teammates with Sean Avery.

Sean Avery.
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One time when the Red Wings played the Colorado Avalanche, Joe Sakic skated by the Red Wings’ bench, and Sean Avery wouldn’t let the chance slip. Avery, known for his trash talking, stood up and yelled, ”Hey, Sakic!” But he was immediately pulled back down as Brett Hull grabbed him by the back of his sweater and yanked him down on the bench.

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Brett Hull then looked Avery in the eyes and said, ”You are not allowed to speak to Mr. Sakic.”

Sean Avery wasn’t a veteran at the moment, and he had no choice but to obey Brett Hull, and after his words to Avery, every other guy on the Red Wings bench nodded their heads to show they agreed on what just had happened.

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Everyone loves the story of how Hull taught Avery a lesson. Still, some years ago, Joe Sakic sat down with Luc Robitaille and Brett Hull in a Sportsnet roundtable and then shared a hilarious detail about the story.

As Brett Hull once again told the story of how it happened on the bench that night, Sakic started laughing. He then revealed that Avery ignored Hull’s advice when he left Detroit to play for the LA Kings.

”It didn’t work…” Sakic said in laughter.

”When he went to LA, he didn’t really listen. He had already forgot about it.”

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