When rookie instigator Scott Parker had instant regret after taking fight with Bob Probert

Scott Parker might not be the classic enforcer. But he never backed down when it came to fighting and putting in big hits.

But sometimes, it might be a good idea to chill for a second and realize what you’re going up against. During his rookie season, Parker had his first fight in the NHL going up against NHL tough guy Bob Probert. That, he should’ve thought trough beforehand.

During his rookie season with the Colorado Avalanche, Parker engaged in seven fights, showing that he wouldn’t let any older tough guy tell him what he could and couldn’t do.

However, when the rookie went up against Bob Probert for his first dance of his career in the NHL, maybe he should’ve thought it through.

Parker started trying getting a number of hits, with Probert staying calm.

Then, like the shock of the lightning, Probert started putting in work. How it ended? Well, let’s say Parker probably regretted his decision.

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