When Pavel Bure turned the legendary defensive duo into a couple of hungover beer league players

Pavel Bure was pure magic during his playing days in the NHL. The Russian star had his share bit of fun, dangling around defenseman in the league for over a decade. And not even legendary defensemen could stop it.

Pavel Bure was considered one of the biggest talents in an of Europe. However, he got drafted as late as the 6th round by the Vancouver Canucks back in 1989 as 113th player overall.

Because of the chilly relationship between the Soviet Union and the US, teams weren’t sure if they would be able to get him to play in the NHL at all.

Source: Hakan Dahlstrom/Wikipedia

But it turned out the Canucks definitely made the right call.

In his rookie season, Bure put up 60 points in 65 games and during his second season, the numbers were even more impressive, with 110 points in 83 games.

Bure had an incredible sets of skills, with technique and speed being two of the best.

He could dangle plenty of players all the way to the stands. Not even legendary defensive duo Scott Stevens and Scott Niedermayer could do anything about it.

During the 1994-95 season, Bure scored one of the most memorable goals in his NHL career against the New Jersey Devils, with Stevens and Niedermayer looking like two beer league players.

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