When Alexei Kovalev gave the funniest interview in hockey history after Stanley Cup win

Hundreds of players have had their names engraved on Lord Stanley through the years. When asked about it, many of them are having a hard time describing the feeling of winning. But of course, it must be one of the best feelings ever.

Last summer, Alex Ovechkin showed the world how you really make the most of winning the Stanley Cup by partying for weeks straight.

When journalists interview players on the ice or in the locker rooms after the victory, and the answers aren’t that thought through, probably because of all the joy and excitement. That means we’ve had the pleasure to witness some great moments.

And one of the best has to be in 1994, with the New York Rangers winning the Cup.

Russian forward Alexei Kovalev was drafted 15th overall in the 1991 NHL draft. One year later he made his NHL debut, and in his second year he got to hoist the Cup together with teammates such as Mark Messier, Sergei Zubov and Brian Leetch.

At 20 year old, the forward put up 77 points, scoring 32 goals and tallying 45 assists during the season.

Kovalev was, like many foreign players then and now, struggling with the language. But no matter what he took the opportunity to say a few words on television after the Stanley Cup win, beating the Canucks 3-2 in game seven

This is what happiness looks like!

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