When Jeremy Roenick stormed out of an interview, dropping F-bombs, after questions about NHL ’94

If you didn’t play NHL ’94, you missed out. It was such a great game, played by hockey fans worldwide, and it’s still a cult classic. The game was made by EA Sports for the Genesis, Super NES, and Sega CD and was released in October 1993. Many believe it’s the greatest sports game of all time, and hockey fans will argue it’s the best game ever made. And it’s mostly remembered for one very overpowered guy. 

Jeremy Roenick was a great hockey player, but in NHL ’94, he was completely dominant. He was a powerhouse, and fans still talk about how broken it was to have Jeremy Roenick on your team. It was quite impossible to take the puck away from him, and the combination of his size and speed made him the best player in the game.

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 Jeremy Roenick’s amazing NHL career is sometimes overshadowed by how great he was in NHL ’94, and it’s something he often has to talk about. Fans and reporters love to talk about the game with Roenick, but what does he feel about it?

Some years ago, TSN planned an interview with Roenick that was taped and published on Youtube. The first thing that happens is Roenick saying, ”I sure hope that you’re not just gonna ask me about NHL ’94.” 

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The camera pans down to the interviewer’s paper of questions; of course, it’s nothing but NHL ’94 questions. 

When a TV comes on, with NHL ’94 on, Roenick loses it.

”Are you f*cking kidding me? Seriously, I did a lot of good things in the NHL you know? I played in the Olympics for my country. 500 goals scored!? Come on, all you guys want to talk about is NHL ’94?” He said before storming out of the room.

Source: Youtube

Of course, it was all a joke, and we love Jeremy Roenick for being so fun about fans’ obsession with the game. Jeremy Roenick has said he’s proud of his dominance in the game.

“It’s one of my claims to fame,” Roenick said. “I’m very proud of it. I’m down in the annals of history, whether it’s being on the ice or in video games. I like that aspect. Whoever it was at EA who gave me the [great] rating in ‘94, you’ve left me something to be proud of for eternity.”

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