This is Alexander Ovechkin’s best NHL goal ever, according to the Great Eight himself

Alex Ovechkin has scored more than 800 goals and is on the hunt for Wayne Gretzky. The Great One has scored more NHL goals than anyone else in history, and many thought his incredible record would never be broken. But now, it seems like a certainty that The Great Eight will reach 894, as he’s just 85 goals shy from Gretzky at the moment.

CHICAGO, ILLINOIS – DECEMBER 13: Alex Ovechkin #8 of the Washington Capitals looks on prior to the game against the Chicago Blackhawks at United Center on December 13, 2022 in Chicago, Illinois. (Photo by Michael Reaves/Getty Images)

This season has been incredible for Ovechkin. He’s 37 years old but is on pace for 55 goals, as he’s scored 29 goals from 43 games this campaign. Ovechkin never ceases to amaze NHL fans, and almost every night, he proves yet again that he’s perhaps the greatest goalscorer in NHL history. Ovechkin has scored 809 goals, some more beautiful and breathtaking than others. 

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In December, NHL tweeted out its official list of Ovechkin’s top 10 goals scored. But what did the main man think about the list? Well, it turns out he had some things to say about it. The Athletic spoke to Ovechkin, who got the opportunity to rank his top 10 goals.

As No. 1, Ovechkin, just as NHL did, chose ”The goal.” He scored it against Arizona in early 2006, and it’s an absolute classic.

”It’s funny, nobody thought this was going to be ‘The Goal,’” he said with a shrug. “We got back from the road trip and I had to go to ESPN studio and explain. I was thinking they want to talk about that goal? I didn’t know (then) it was going to be so famous. No idea. But now when I look at it, it was a special moment,” Ovechkin said.

At No. 2, Ovechkin chose a goal he scored just three days after ’The goal.’ It was against St. Louis at home.

”This was right after ‘The Goal,’” he said. “Obviously, I had full speed and make a good move. It was a total different game than now. It was more wide open. Now it’s now more compact,” he said.

The top 10 of Alex Ovechkin’s most beautiful goals, according to the Great Eight himself, can be seen here.

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