When Eric Lindros lost his stick but still owned a whole team

Eric Lindros was a well-known player even before his first NHL game. He was a talent beyond ordinary, and already during his rookie season, he showed why he was chosen as the first pick in the 1991 NHL draft.

Lindros scored a total of 75 points in 61 games, during his first year in the league, and with an incredible physique and almost unique skill with the puck, he quickly became a player to watch. When Lindros was free of injury, he was a monster who never backed down for anyone, and it was virtually impossible to take the puck from him.

Source: Youtube

And sometimes, he didn’t even need a stick in his hands. 

In a game against the Pittsburgh Penguins, Lindros had the puck in the offensive zone when he lost his stick. But he didn’t give up but continued to toil against the board and did so for a long, long time. Several players kept trying, but Lindros didn’t give up and didn’t lose the puck. Lindros finally got his stick back, and just a few shifts later, Lindros also scored, and later tallied an assist. What a fighter!

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