When Doug Gilmour got tired of Darius Kasparaitis, and hid for hours in the parking lot ready for revenge

There’s no doubt that Toronto Maple Leafs legend Doug Gilmour is one of the greatest hockey players ever. Gilmour played in over 1600 games, putting up 1600 points and winning the Stanley Cup back in 1989. 

But Gilmour wasn’t just known for his offensive plays, or his impressive points per game numbers. He was also a really tough guy to play against, and wasn’t shy to chirping on the ice. 

Photo: Youtube

But one time he took it even further. Out on the parking lot, after an argument with defensive icon Darius Kasparaitis.

”I played with Jersey, Kasparaitis is in Pittsburgh. I had a little fight with him, and the game is over and the bus is there, and the players park at the same place”, Gilmour says on The Cam and Strick Podcast.

”They said to me ’let’s go home’, but I said ’no, i gotta wait here for a second’”.

Photo: Youtube

”So I’m standing inside the building before you go outside to the bus. It was like ’fuck this, I’m not leaving until this fucking guy comes out, and before he goes unto the bus’. And he was the last guy out. He comes out and I’m like ’hey, let’s go’. And then after the fight – it wasn’t much of a fight – but he challenged me and didn’t think I would get back at him. But 100 percent, I would never say that to anybody, but I would love to fucking knock you out.”