When Adam Graves beat the crap out of his opponent, and turned to Mike Keenan and said: ”You’re next”

In the mid-1990s, Mike Keenan coached the New York Rangers.

However, he didn’t coach the team alone, according to many players who were on the Rangers that years.

For example, former Rangers winger Tony Amonte previously claimed that it was more or less Mark Messier who ran that team.

“When he was ready to go, he would turn his head – look at Keenan, and he’d say, ‘Mess’s line next,'” said Amonte.

Many players had trouble with how Keenan coached during this time, and one of them was Adam Graves.

When Amonte was on the Cam & Strick Podcast last year, he told the awesome story about how Graves beat the crap out of an opponent and then suddenly turned to his coach, Mike Keenan.

“There was a fight in front of the bench, and Gravy beats the tar out of him – probably threw 50 punches – throws the guy down. Now he standings in front of the bench – points his finger at Keenan, and says, ‘You’re f***ing next asshole!’ And Keenan never messed with him again.”

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