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Brett Hull’s revenge move on Mike Keenan after being forced to serve a team penalty leaves us laughing out loud

That time Brett Hull took revenge on Mike Keenan

Keenan forced Hull to sit out a team penalty, and he didn't like it...

Glen Sather reveals the Oilers' hilarious routine

They did this before every game

Hull's words to Keenan after refusing the gym

This is so legendary

When Curtis Joseph pulled epic prank on Mike Keenan to get his teammate back in the lineup

Few NHL coaches have been as controversial as Mike Keenan. He was nicknamed Iron Mike, which said about everything about ...

Mike Keenan was the first to call Ed Belfour 'The Eagle,' and it had nothing to do with his iconic masks

You can’t leave Ed Belfour out of the discussion when talking about legendary NHL goalies. He played for teams such ...