When a whole team waited for Malkin at the airport and suddenly saw a Porsche cruising through the runway

Evgeni Malkin is one of the greatest players of his generation, and when his career ends, Malkin will go down as one of the biggest ever in Pittsburgh.

Malkin played his first game in the NHL back in 2007, and in his debut season, he scored 85 points in 78 games. And that was just the beginning. Last night, Malkin tied Jaromir Jagr as at third with the most playoff goals at Penguins, and during his time in Steel City, he’s won three Stanley Cups.

And if you’re a superstar like Malkin, you may as well act like it. Talking on the That’s Hockey Talk podcast, Mike Rupp, former Penguin, shared a story about Malkin, his Porsche, and an airport that will get you laughing.

”You don’t really go to the terminal at the airport, you go to the private area, to where the charter airplanes takes off from. So in Pittsburgh, the way it worked, you pulled up to the gate waved your hand, they opened the gate, and you pull in and you park literally 150 feet from the plane, on the tarmac,” said Rupp.

”So what ends up happening is the team’s pretty much all on the plane, and they’re waiting for Evgeni Malkin and Sergei Gonchar, the two Russians, to come and get on the plane.”

”Next thing you know, the guy’s working for the team, his phone rings, and he picks up the phone and it’s the control tower. They’re calling, and they’re saying, ’Do you guys know who’s driving a Porsche on the runway? They’re going like 120 MPH on the runway!”

”And that’s Ginos car, so apparently Malkin drove out, and he just thought that it was a lot of road, so he went over the runway and he was going like 120 MPH plus. They just called to try to get him to pull over.”

”What’s funny is that Sergei Gonchar was supposed to be the mentor, but I don’t know what happened right there.”

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