When a TV reporter went head to head with Pavel Datsyuk and got humiliated on prime time

Few players have as exciting highlights in the NHL as Pavel Datsyuk. Not many can match the Russian in terms of awesome dekes and fantastic goals, and he was a joy to watch during his many years with the Detroit Red Wings.

Source: Youtube

I guess it’s only the defenders in the NHL who don’t miss Datsyuk.

While in Detroit, Datsyuk recorded a TV segment with the local station FSN. There, reporter Trevor Thompson was to try and stop Datsyuk during a one-on-one game.

Source: Youtube

It went as expected. Not at all, that is.

Check this out:

Pavel Datsyuk scored 918 points in 953 NHL games. He left the Detroit Red Wings in 2016 for the KHL, where he played until earlier this year when an extraordinary career ended.

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