Brad Marchand’s forfeited salary throughout his career because of suspensions is nothing but mind-blowing

There is always something going on around Brad Marchand, and now he’s in the spotlight again after another less flattering incident.

Source: Youtube

In the game against the Vancouver Canucks some nights ago, Marchand slew-footed Canucks’ defender Oliver Ekman-Larsson. As a result, the NHL announced that Marchand will have to sit out three games without pay, and he has to pay $ 91,857.00 in fines, based on his average annual salary.

It’s not exactly the first time Marchand is penalized by the National Hockey League’s Department of Player Safety. According to Sportsnet Stats, this is Marchands 7th suspension in his NHL career. He’s missed out on a total of 22 games and had to pay fines a total of five times.

Source: Youtube

Marchand has already, in his career, had $ 971,397.61 in forfeited salary. An exceptionally high number for a forward and star player in the league.

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