When a superstitious Sidney Crosby had a very special request about Rick Tocchet’s brand new suit

Sidney Crosby isn’t just one of the world’s best hockey players. He is, without a doubt, the most superstitious of them. Some years ago, in a layer poll conducted by the NHPA, Sidney Crosby was voted the most superstitious player in the league, with a whopping 27.35% of the votes.

The player that came in second, Michael Frolik, had just over five percent of the votes, which says a lot about how well-known Crosby’s rituals are. According to Bardown, the list of Crosby’s superstitions conclude, for example, eating the same peanut butter sandwich at 5:00 PM before every game. In addition, he walks around one specific garbage can in the dressing room before entering the ice.

He has a special handshake with his buddy Evgeni Malkin before every game, and he doesn’t talk to his sister or mother on gameday over fear of becoming injured.

The list can be made longer, and now, legend Rick Tocchet confirms how big of a rituals man Sid the Kid is. Tocchet was an assistant coach for the Penguins from 2014 to 2017.

” You know, Sid is Mr. Superstisious. We were playing Tampa, and I had a new, beautiful suit. A nice blue suit, and I was kinda proud of the thing. But we lost some games when I had that suit on, and Sidney pulled me off the bus.”

” I asked him whats up, and thought that it would be something with the powerplay, or that he wanted to switch the wingers, but he just told me to chance the suit.’ You’re 0 and 2 with that suit.’ That was it. But whatever you have to do to win. When Sidney Crosby ask you to do something, you’re gonna do it.”

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