Pat Maroon destroys poor rookie Gustav Lindstrom with one of the best hits of the year

Pat Maroon perhaps isn’t the goalscoring machine he was in the past, but at the Tampa Bay Lightning, he found himself in a role both him and the organization love.

Maroon is now more of a bottom-six forward, which means more physical involvement, but that doesn’t scare him. Last night, Maroon once again showed what a physical beast he can be with one of the year’s best hits.

In the game against the Detroit Red Wings, rookie Gustav Lindstrom had the puck behind his own net and didn’t react quickly enough as Maroon came at him at full speed.

The hit from Maroon was as clean as it can be, but Lindstrom still went flying and even lost his helmet in the fall. So keep your head up next time, kid, and respect Pat Maroon for this fantastic hit. You can’t see too many of them!

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