When a 20 year old Alex Ovechkin showed zero respect and smashed Chris Chelios into pieces

Last weekend, Alexander Ovechkin finally got his 700th goal in the NHL. He became only the eight player in NHL history to reach the milestone.
Except from the hundreds of goals and silky moves, it can also be painful to face Ovechkin on the ice.

The Russian superstar isn’t afraid of getting physical, and already as a young player he made his mark. Just ask NHL Hall of Fame forward Chris Chelios.

During the 2006 Olympics in Italy, the Russians faced the United States. Chris Chelios played in the tournament at the age of 44. Alexander Ovechkin on the other hand only 20 years old and in the start of his career.

Behind the American goal crease, Chelios dropped Ovechkin with a small push. Well, he shouldn’t have done that.

Just moments later, Chelios was skating behind the goal with Ovechkin still being there.

“Ovi” dropped Chelios with a huge hit, and maybe, that was the moment the long time Detroit Red Wing realized that the Russian 20 year old was something else.

Watch it down below.

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