Wayne Gretzky wants the NHL to introduce a brand new trophy, and it would be the ultimate tribute to Bobby Orr

There’s been a lot of discussions about the Norris Trophy in the NHL lately. Erik Karlsson is the front-runner to win the award, and many believe there’s something wrong with how the trophy is awarded every year.

Some think that the Norris doesn’t reward great defensive greatness and that defensive players often get overshadowed by offensive numbers and stats.

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For example, this week, a Tweet made the rounds on social media about Erik Karlsson and Hampus Lindholm. Karlsson of the San Jose Sharks is the favorite to win the Norris Trophy. He’s close to reaching 100 points this season, but he’s minus-14 plus/minus.

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On the other hand, Hampus Lindholm of the Boston Bruins, and his plus-46 plus/minus, rarely even get mentioned when discussing a potential winner for the award this year.

Now Wayne Gretzky weigh in with a piece of his mind, and as usual, he had some great things to say about it. According to The Athletic, Gretzky suggested that the NHL establish a new trophy awarded to the defenseman who registers the most points in a season. The name? The Bobby Orr Trophy.

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Wayne Gretzky believes that Bobby Orr and Gordie Howe are the greatest players in NHL history, and they should be recognized for it. Gretzky does not just think that the Bobby Orr Trophy should be a thing. He wants to change everything about the Norris Trophy.

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Gretzky pushed for the Norris Trophy to be sawed in half and that the best offensive defenseman in the league wins the Bobby Orr Trophy and the best defensive defenseman wins the Gordie Howe Trophy.

“We need a Bobby Orr Trophy, for the most points for a defenseman, and then (a trophy) for the best defensive defenseman. Have two awards. You should honor Bobby Orr, him and Gordie Howe, the greatest players ever,” The Great One said.

Many things that Gretzky is on to something here, and that it would be a great and rewarding idea. We would actually love this!

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