Wayne Gretzky tells story about why he played with half off his shirt tucked in for his whole career

Goals, assist or just pure playmaking – Wayne Gretzky did it all. The Great One is the best hockey players that’s ever walked the earth. No debate. Gretzky ended his career with a mind blowing total of 894 goals, 1 963 assist and a total of 2 857 points to his name.

The number 99 is still, and probably forever will be, retired from the NHL, and every hockey fan in the world knows just how sensationally good he was. But there are some things not so many fans know about.

Photo: Wikimedia Commons

For example, why Gretzky, throughout all of his career, had his shirt tucked into his pants on the right side. Not everybody knows why, but on the Howard Stern Show, back in 1996, The Great One himself explained why.

”I’m probably superstitious…”, Gretzky said.

”When I started playing, I was 6 and at that time I could only play with 11 year old kids, because there were no other kids at six years old. So everyone got a sweater, and those days your sweater was made for eleven year olds”.

”My sweater went down to my ankles, so my dad said ’you look too small’, so to make me look a little bigger, he took my sweater and he tucked it in. So ever since then…”

”A few times I’ve played without it being tucked in. Bad I had some bad years, months, so know I tuck it in”.

In the interview with Howard Stern, Gretzky also reveals he peed his pants during the Canada Cup final 1987.