When Wayne Gretzky played his heart out for Canada, and lost control of his body fluids

There isn’t a lot of secrets of Wayne Gretzky. Everyone within the world of sports knows just how superior ”The Great One” actually was, and the unreal numbers he put up. Gretzky ended up with 2 857 points in 1 487 NHL games, and is, without a doubt, the greatest player in the history of the game.

To this day, Wayne Gretzky still holds or shares 61 records in the NHL’s Official Guide and Record Book, and you’ve probably heard them all. But there are things he doesn’t talk as much off. Like the time when he peed his pants – right in the middle of a game.

Photo: Youtube

Game 2 of the classic 1987 Canada Cup final is by many considered to be one of the greatest ever played. But Gretzky also remembers it for another reason. Gretzky was being played double and triple shift, and in the second overtime period he lost control of his body.

”We went in to double overtime, so I guess the way to compare it it’s like a triathlon, when your body breaks down and you lose control because your skating and working so much. You just sitting on the bench, and I just was so drained and tired. All of the sudden I was like ’Oh my gosh’”‚ he said on The Howard Stern Show.

Photo: Youtube

Gretzky couldn’t control what was happening ”down there”, but just had to play through it.

”It actually did feel pretty good, yeah, but it was embarrassing. I told everyone after and they were all kind of laughing”.

”I played through the game with the same pants, but you know… You’re sweating. But sure, it smelled”.