Wayne Gretzky names his top three favorite sports films of all time, one hockey movie makes the list

Wayne Gretzky names his top three favorite sports films of all time, one hockey movie makes the list

Wayne Gretzky is the best hockey player that’s ever walked the earth.

He broke all kinds of records in the early 80s and continued to absolutely dominate the NHL until 1999 when he decided to retire.

Gretzky was, and still is, known as The Great One, and he’s always been such a great ambassador for the game of hockey.

He has a special aura around him, and few people in all sports have ever been so universally well-liked and appreciated. Many claim Gretzky is the GOAT of all GOATs, and ranks him just as high and even higher than the likes of Michael Jordan and Tom Brady.

In hockey, there’s never been anyone like him, and most of his incredible records are still unbeaten and will probably always be.

Nowadays, he works as an analyst for TNT, and every time he speaks his mind about various topics regarding the NHL, people listen.

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A few years ago, Wayne Gretzky was asked about his absolute favorite sports movies, and his answer was great. Many great hockey movies have been produced over the years, like Slap Shot, Youngblood, and Miracle.

When Gretzky names his top three sports movies, Slap Shot is the first one he mentions.

”Slap Shot! Everyone loves Slap Shot right?” Gretzky said in an interview with Cineplex.

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Gretzky also named Bull Durham—the movie about the middle-aged minor-league catcher ”Crash” Davis taming the talented, erratic young pitcher ”Nuke” Laloosh—as one of his favorites.

”Bull Durham. I loved the comedy in Bull Durham. It was fun to watch,” Gretzky said.

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The third movie Gretzky names is ”Ali.” The film focuses on ten years in the life of boxer Muhammad Ali, played by Will Smith.

”Will Smith portrayed him so good,” Gretzky said.

Wayne Gretzky was also asked about a potential movie about him, but The Great One kindly declined the offer.

”It’s okay. I’m okay,” Gretzky said, laughing.

Wayne Gretzky's Favourite Sports Movies | Cineplex

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Posted by Cineplex on Saturday, October 13, 2018
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