Wayne Gretzky gives his take on whether Sidney Crosby deserves to be on the ”Hockey Mount Rushmore” or not

When talking about the greatest players of all time, there’s no better to listen to than Wayne Gretzky. Of course, the Great One is the undisputed GOAT of hockey, but if there were to be a hockey Mount Rushmore, who deserves to be on there?

That’s one of the things the NHL on TNT crew were talking about during their Winter Classic broadcast on Monday, and it was such a great discussion.

Source: TNT

The crew had Sidney Crosby in mind when they started the debate, and they began by saying that the traditional NHL Mount Rushmore should be Wayne Gretzky, Mario Lemieux, Bobby Orr, and Gordie Howe.

Wayne Gretzky was then asked whether Sidney Crosby should replace someone or be added as a 5th member. And Gretzky just couldn’t praise Sid the Kid enough.

”Listen, I bragged about Sidney Crosby for 20 years now because I think he’s done such a great job carrying our game, carrying our sport. Both him and Ovechkin,” Gretzky said.

”It’s hard to get the right number of guys. If we’re talking about Mount Rushmore… Go to five guys. Go to six guys. Who cares? It doesn’t matter.

”Just honor the people that deserve to be there, and no question, Sid deserves to be there.”

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Wayne Gretzky also claimed that Connor McDavid will soon be in that discussion as well.

”Five-ten years from now, we’re going to be talking about Connor McDavid. He’s going to deserve to be there.”

”It’s hard to pick people from different eras. You got guys like Jean Beliveau from way back, and guys like Gordie Howe, Stan Mikita, and Bobby Hull. So many great players, it’s hard to narrow it right down.”

Source: TNT

The crew all praised Crosby for what he’s done for the league and the sport, and couldn’t stress enough how well they think of him. Wayne Gretzky also believes that Crosby saved the Pittsburgh Penguins franchise.

”And listen, he followed one of the great players, who should be on Mount Rushmore too, Mario Lemieux. I mean, he helped save that franchise, when Sid went to Pittsburgh, they were struggling at that point of time. And he saved the franchise, basically.”

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