Vincent Trocheck absolutely levels Johnny Gaudreau with massive hit, sparking complete chaos

The New York Rangers were on a ten-game winning streak until they played against the Blue Jackets earlier this week.

Columbus upset the Rangers with an unexpected win, but the Rangers got payback on Wednesday, as they got back into winning ways.

The teams know each other well after their recent clashes, and we saw a testy moment in the second period of the game, that almost had Vincent Trocheck kicked out of the game.

The Rangers forward ran into Johnny Gaudreau at center ice, and fans were off their seats after the massive collision.

Trocheck was called on a major penalty on the play, but after review, Trocheck’s penalty was wiped out, and instead, the Rangers were given a powerplay.

That completely changed the game, as the Rangers were only up by one goal when the incident occurred. Instead of a five-minute man disadvantage, the Rangers were given a chance on a power play, which they would score on.

After the hit and before the referees had the chance to review the play, full chaos erupted. Mathieu Olivier immediately jumped Trocheck, believing it was a dirty hit, and when Rangers’ rookie Matt Rempe saw what was happening. He wanted in on the action.

Rempe, a 6’8” giant, has been in a fight almost every game he’s played, and when the Rangers played the Blue Jackets earlier this week, he dropped the gloves with Olivier.

Rempe had already skated into the offensive zone when chaos broke out in the neutral zone, but when he saw the action, he immediately skated toward it.

The Blue Jackets players even had to hold him back to stop him from engaging, which fans found absolutely hilarious.

Johnny Gaudreau has had shoulder problems in his career, and fans were scared as he left the game. However, he did return for the third period, but it didn’t help the Blue Jackets as they lost 4-1.

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