Video of Tyler Bozak reuniting with his family after playoff exit, leaves fans in tears

The NHL “bubble” consists of two limited areas in Edmonton and Toronto from where the players still in the Stanley Cup Playoffs can’t leave. Once entering the bubble, players were locked down and segregated from the public as the league tries to prevent the spread of COVID-19.

The players, personel, medical team and coaches all have everything they need inside the bubble, but for many it can be demanding.

During the time the team still is fighting for Lord Stanley, they can’t see their families. For many of the players, the goodbyes were hard, having to speak to their children through a video call from their hotel rooms throughout the stay inside the bubble.

No player wants to be out of the playoffs. But for many, that ment reuniting with their families.

Tyler Bozak of the St Louis Blues crashed out of the Stanley Cup Playoffs after losing the series against the Vancouver Canucks.

The Blues forward and his wife Molly welcomed their third child back in march. Now, a video from the Twitter account of Molly shows the emotional moment when Bozak finally reunites with his family.

This is the best thing we’ve seen in a long time. Enjoy some family time, Tyler!

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