Brad Marchand tries to frustrate Brayden Point in the most Marchand way ever

Even if Brad Marchand doesn’t turn up with several goals and assists in a game, he always finds a way of being in the centre of things.

Sometimes it’s about fighting some guy and other times it’s all about the chirping and messing around.

Last night, the Boston Bruins got to celebrate first as they moved past the Tampa Bay Lightning, winning 3-2 in Game 1.

Marchand had a goal and an assist in the game, scoring the goal that put his team in a 3-0 lead. He’s now tied with Bobby Orr (26-66–92 in 74 games) for the seventh-most playoff points in Bruins history.

The Bruins have now won five of their last six games. That after being 0-3-0 in the round-robin of the Qualifiers.

“We obviously buckled down when the playoffs started,” Marchand told postgame. “That’s kind of how the script is. When it’s time to play, guys are prepared and know how to prepare. It kind of showed tonight. But it’s one game. We have to follow it up next game.” 

Except putting up two points, Marchand also made his way to the spotlight following a situation involving Brayden Point.

When skating towards the bench, the Bruins’ forward made his best move to try and frustrate Point. And of course, it was in the most Marchand way possible.

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