Video of mysterious NHL moment goes viral; fans can’t understand what’s happening: ‘Are there ghosts in Nashville?’

Dillon Dube hasn’t had the best start to the season, just like many other Flames players.

He sits on just six points with 18 games played, and he’s currently played in three straight games without getting on the score sheet.

Dube played just less than 17 minutes in the Flames’ matchup with the Nashville Predators earlier this week. The Flames lost the game 4-2, but now, an incident from the game has gone viral.

It didn’t have anything to do with a goal or a nice play, it didn’t even involve hockey—but more of a mysterious happening that had fans question whether it may have been a ghost on the ice.

During the game, Dube fell to the ice, and as he went down, he lost his stick, which glided away from him.

Dube decided not to pick it up and instead skated towards the Flames’ bench. But as someone pointed out on X, formerly Twitter, it looked like the stick was moving, almost following him against the bench, even though no player was even close to the situation.

”Did anyone else notice Dube’s stick mysteriously tried to follow him to the bench after sliding to the boards?? No way Dube moved that stick from the boards. Ghosts in Nashville?” a user said on X.

Source: X

The video of Dube’s mysterious stick moving by itself quickly went viral and received a lot of attention and likes.

But some wise users commented to provide some clarity.

Although we’re not 100 percent certain, it could be explained by the digital board ads.

”The puck hit his stick as it was rimmed around the boards. The reason you can’t see the puck is because the board ads eliminate the puck from the screen because the software assumes it’s a physical ad on the boards,” one said.

”The puck gets rimmed around the boards and hits it. You can tell by the players changing their direction. You can track with them following the puck around the boards. Creepy looking tho!” Another added.

Case closed!

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