Brad Marchand’s dad was interviewed just as the Bruins scored, fans claim it’s the most wholesome moment this NHL season

The Boston Bruins’ dads arrived in Boston on Sunday for a two-game Florida road trip, facing the Tampa Bay Lightning on Monday and the Florida Panthers on Wednesday.

It has been a fantastic week for both players, their dads, and fans, filled with great content.

Even as NHL players, dads usually find a way to embarrass you, and during the week, no one has been better at it than Matt Grzelcyk’s father, John.

Earlier in the week, John stopped by the Bruins’ social media crew and said the most hilarious thing about the dads’ trip.

“These guys owe us about two or three more of these [dad’s road trips],” John said, all while his son tried to cut him off. “When we took them away for trips and everything when they were kids… all the money we spent on them for food, going to the arcades and the malls and stuff like that. They owe us… two or three more of these father’s trips, and the debt is paid.”

However, during Wednesday’s game against the Panthers, it was none other than Brad Marchand’s father, Kevin, who completely stole the show.

During the game, TNT’s Jackie Redmond had a mid-game interview with Brad’s dad, and it just so happened that the Bruins scored while the two were talking. It was incredible to hear Kevin Marchand cheer and celebrate the goal, but he stayed so polite, asking if the interview was done and almost apologizing for interrupting.

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It was without a doubt one of the most wholesome moments of the year.

But what was most special for the dads wasn’t seeing their sons play; it was who turned up as a surprise guest during the game.

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Bobby Orr, who lives in South Florida for most of the year, surprised the dads with a visit in their suite during the game. When the fathers met up with their sons in the locker room postgame, they all did it with an autograph on the front of their jerseys.

“It was an awesome surprise,” Louie DeBrusk said, per The Athletic. “Really incredible. We walked in, and we were all like little kids again. He stayed with us for pretty much the whole game and chatted with everybody. He’s great. He’s awesome that way.”

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