Trevor Zegras giggling on the bench after his incredible alley-oop pass is the most genuine reaction ever

It’s not THAT unusual to see the Michigan pulled off in the NHL. But last night, Trevor Zegras topped it off with an awesome Michigan assist.

In the second period of the Anaheim Ducks-Buffalo Sabres game, Zegras got the puck behind the offensive goal. He then pulled off something that sent the hockey world in shock. Zegras got the puck up onto his stick and lifted it to teammate Sonny Milano, who batted in the puck behind the Buffalo goaltender.

Source: Reddit

A unique goal and a goal we probably will never see again in the NHL. And Zegras and Milano almost couldn’t believe what they had just done.

The duo could almost only shake their heads in disbelief on the ice when celebrating. In total shock, almost.

Source: Reddit

And when Zegras got on the bench, things just got better. The cameras picked up Zegras, shaking his head as he started giggling. The giggling didn’t stop for seconds, and it’s understandable. He just pulled off one of the craziest assists ever in the history of the NHL.

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