That time Jaromir Jagr selected Jaromir Jagr as Jaromir Jagr’s favorite player.

Jaromir Jagr is an absolute legend in the game of hockey. The forward still, to this day, plays hockey in his hometown team Kladno at the age of 49.

But Jagr played a total of 1733 NHL games, putting up 1921 points. Jagr has numbers few players can match throughout hockey history, and the Czech legend was well-liked by the fans for his style of play and his approach outside the ice. 

Source: Reddit

Jagr was an icon, and anything could happen when he opened his mouth during interviews. He also had the self-confidence anyone would’ve been jealous of. This is perhaps the best example of that.

Once, during his time in the Boston Bruins, Jagr went on TV and was asked who his favorite player was. His response was as unexpected as it was awesome.

The answer? Jaromir Jagr.

What a legend!

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