Trevor Zegras’ crazy Michigan goal overruled and fans were outrageous, says it should’ve counted anyway

It was known as The Michigan. It was known as the lacrosse goal. But at this point, it’s perhaps best to just start calling it the Trevor Zegras goal. The young star player has taken the NHL by storm since his debut season last year.

Zegras bring something different than most players to the table. Nobody knows what will happen when the puck’s with Zegras, and he can always do the most unexpected. Last season, he pulled off some crazy trick shots and dropped jaws.

He scored two lacrosse goals on his own and had a sensational lacrosse assist to Sonny Milano. His highlights reel is just something different, and on Wednesday, he scored his first lacrosse goal of the campaign against the Minnesota Wild. Or at least that’s what he, and everyone else, though. But the Wild bench had different ideas.

Zegras had just scored one of the best lacrosse goals ever. He executed it just perfectly, but he couldn’t celebrate for long.

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Before he scored his incredible goal, Dmitry Kulikov had preceded the puck into the offensive zone. Wild coach Dean Evason used his coach’s challenge, and the officials ruled it offside. It wasn’t by a large margin, but it was offside, and rules are rules, we guess.

Zegras will have to wait for his next lacrosse goal, but on social media, some fans were outraged that the goal was disallowed.

Twitter user heatdaddy, with almost 250,000 followers, said: ”I’m really glad the Zegras goal was offside because a super slow motion HD zoomed in 4K angle saw that his teammates blade was offside by a centimeter. Thanks NHL. Thanks Joe Biden. If the human eye of the ref can’t tell it’s offside, then it’s not offside.”

Pete Blackburn, with more than 130,000 followers on Twitter, said: ”lmao an offside challenge killing The Michigan from Zegras. Some men just want to watch the world burn.”

He also added that it’s, ”Peak NHL.”

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