The Hughes brothers had a daring bet on their game last night, and now Quinn has some calls to make

The Hughes brothers, Quinn in Vancouver, and Jack in New Jersey are both instrumental for their respective teams, and that’s why it is so special every time they face each other.

Ahead of last night’s game, they had faced each other three times – one time in the NCAA, and two times in the NHL – and Quinn Hughes, the older brother, had lost all three.

During the two games in the NHL – both played in the 2019-20 season – the New Jersey Devils won. The first one ended in a 1-0-win over the Canucks, with Jack scoring the only goal. Quinn got the only point between the brothers the second time, but the Devils won, 2-1. Last night, they faced each other for the third time in the NHL, and this time, more than just two points and honor was in the line.

Quinn and Jack have bought a house together in Michigan, and according to the brothers, it needs some styling. Ahead of last night’s game, Quinn revealed that they were looking at a painting for the walls, and therefore, they made a bet.
“We want to get a little painting we’ve been talking about for the house,” said Quinn. “I think the loser was going to pay for it. We’ll see what happens.”

So, how did it end? The Canucks were never close. Jack, the younger brother, opened the scoring, and early into the second period, the Devils were up 6-1, with Jack also putting up one assist. On the other hand, Quinn Hughes left the ice without a point to his name, as the Devils won 7-2.

That means Quinn Hughes has lost all four games he played against his younger brother. But above all, he now needs to pay up for the paint.

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