The Golden Knights pre-game show may be the best one ever; fans say they’ve ”never seen anything like it”

Hockey and entertainment often go hand in hand when you’re talking about the Vegas Golden Knights. The fans have seen it all when it comes to pre-game shows and visual effects, but last night, the Golden Knights outdid themself.

It was a pure show and something the fans in T-Mobile Arena never will forget.

Ahead of the Golden Knights home opener against the Seattle Krakens, the home team made their fans’ jaws drop again, and the intro during the pre-game show is now something that’s on every NHL fan’s lips right now.

The whole thing was a large display of loud music, magnificent lights, and visual effects, and of course, also included a giant Kraken trying to break loose through the ice.

The show also seemed to help the team, as the Golden Knights won the season opener 4-3 to the Krakens, who made their first NHL game in history.

Here is what some fans had to say about the show on social media: